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Getting To Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is easily accessible by road, whether by car, taxi or bus. It is less than 1 hours travelling from Aqaba in the south, or about 1.5 hours from Petra.

There is a 5JD charge for entry into the Wadi Rum protected area. This payable to the tourist officers at the Wadi Rum Visitor Centre before proceeding to Wadi Rum village.

Wadi Rum village is 5kms further along the road after leaving the Visitors Centre. The Wadi Rum Rest House, a meeting place, is on the right-hand side of the road at the entrance to Wadi Rum village.

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp Location


Wadi Rum Night Luxury Desert Camp at Wadi Rum Protected Area offers the highest luxury, consisting of 25 tents, with a restaurant tent and a sitting tent. It is 8 km from Rum Village and Visitors’ Centre inside the protected area (15 minutes’ drive), 10 minutes’ walk from the highest dune in Wadi Rum Protected Area, and 10 minutes’ walk from Jebel Annafishiya rock inscriptions.

The area chosen for Wadi Rum Night campsite is one of the most beautiful and inspiring in all of Wadi Rum protected area.  One can be surrounded by important elements which tell the story of the history of Wadi Rum and where one can feel the spirit of the desert.

Let us begin with Jabel Anfashya  and the Thamudic Inscriptions. Feel the spirit of the Thamudic Tribes as they travelled thru the desert leaving the story of their journey in the  Anfashya inscriptions. Traveling from North to South thru the Wadi Rum desert. They were pre-Islamic and included in the inscriptions are the names of the families that passed thru Arabia thru Wadi Rum desert….For those who love hiking you can go for one and a half hours around Jabal Anfashya.WADI_RUM_CAMP_MAP
One can also see The Red Sand Dunes of the Moving Sands. A challenge for those who want to climb them. When you reach the top, you will be on Jabal Um a Lady and from there one can see as far as Khazali Canyon.

This area encompasses the spirit of the Red Sand, and the mountains and the people, Bedouins, who lived in this desert.  Just sitting and relaxing in the campsite one can see the Nasaryan Mountain, feel the majestic Um Ishryn mountain, range  and be lured to the hiking  adventure of Rakabah Canyon, Burje and of course the Um Ishrin corridor.

Wadi rum Night campsite area also offers to the curious many small canyons and places to explore the silence. As Wadi Rum Night campsite is far away from any other campsites. The campsite area allows one to really see and feel the value of the surrounding sites and the beauty of Wadi Rum protected area.